De/Ce Ventures funds blockchain-based networks incentivized with scarce digital assets. We partner with visionary founders and technical teams working on projects that accelerate the transition from exclusive proprietary data models to more collaborative decentralized information networks.

Our areas of focus include:

  •    Infrastructure blockchain-based systems that augment decentralization, scalability, and security
  •    Decentralized applications (“dapps”)
  •    Decentralized sustainable investing*

We invest as early as possible and expect our initial check to be within the typical range of pre-seed to Series A rounds. Our professional experience at a premier investment management firm coupled with our passion for entrepreneurship and lean startup methodologies, is particularly useful in key areas such as market discovery, protocol design, growth, product management, community management, and strategy.

*We support projects that advance social outcomes via decentralized information networks. Such themes include but are not limited to education, financial inclusion, and climate change.